Monday, June 26, 2006


Jetty Betty has some great thoughts on submission over at her blog. She leads a Bible study at work on Tuesday and this issue came up. She's looking at God's design for marriage in preparation for discussing this tomorrow, and here are some of her thoughts from part 3 of a study on submission/marriage:

"Marriage is not all about me. I might have gotten married because I found someone that made me feel good and enjoyed the same things I did. What I have learned (and am still learning) after marriage is that God wants me to put what makes my spouse feel good, what he likes way ahead of what I want and like. Marriage is an opportunity to learn some intense lessons in serving.

God designed marriage as a part of his bigger love story of Jesus. If my response in my marriage is one of love, grace and mercy back to my spouse--I think not only will I be amazed at the wisdom of God and how I am blessed--but if another person observes--s/he should understand a little more of THE love story."



jettybetty said...

I still have so much to learn on this--I think I can already tell it's helped me in my own marriage by digging in again this time!

briar_rose_01 said...

Someone asked me recently, "What do you want to give to your marriage?" Simple question, right? But I found that asking myself that helps turn my focus away from selfish thinking. It's something I definitely have work on daily.

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