Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Family Get-Together Pictures

We went to visit my sister this weekend, and it was the first time my grandmother (mom's mom) had seen Ava. My cousin, Melissa, her husband, Dan, and their daughter, Claire, also came for a visit. Claire and Ava are one week apart, but since Ava was born 4 weeks early and Claire was born on time, there's quite a difference. Claire looks so big next to Ava, but she's about the size Caleb was at that age.

Justin and I were able to go to a nice dinner Saturday night, sort of a belated Valentine's Day and an early "Justin's leaving the country for a while and we won't see each other" dinner. It was great. I actually didn't feel sick and was able to eat! :-) We took advantage of the fact that we had family that could watch Caleb for sure is nice!

That's about all the time and energy I have to write today, so the pictures will have to do! :-)

Ava and her cousin, Claire

Caleb and Ava:

Caleb giving Ava a "kiss" (for some reason, he just put his head down right next to hers and smiled...I guess he knew she was fragile!):

Nana and Ava...their first meeting

Caleb and his cousin, Claire (6 weeks old)

Melissa and Claire, Caleb and me, Kimberly and Ava (with the big yawn!)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Look at all those babies! Too precious!

It's kinda crazy when we get together with my sister-law (hubby's sister)- she just had a baby in December and it's her 4th child under 6 yrs old, and I have 3 under 6 yrs.... lots of kids! And my brother & his wife are due to have a baby any day now- can't wait! Babies babies!!! It's awesome when they're all in the family!

proud parents said...

You'll have to send me those pictures. Some of yours turned out better than mine. I didn't end up with any pictures of Caleb with Ava either. I put a bunch of pictures up on my blog today. I have a really cute one of Caleb.

Shalee said...

Yay for family and for your being able to eat a bit, especially on a date with your man.

Those pictures are adorable. It's hard to picture our kids ever being that small.

Glad to hear that you are doing so well, Jenn You'll be adding to the baby fray before you know it...

MAK said...

cute pictures, thanks for sharing them.

briar_rose_01 said...

Too adorable! Glad ya'll were all able to get together. And I'm happy that you & Justin got a Valentines dinner. Hope he's not going to be gone too long.

Kerri Schaefer said...

Such sweet memories!!!

Dave & Lisa said...

Absolutely precious!! Thank you for sharing the pictures. You and Kimberly and the babies all look so good! :-)

Is Justin going to Singapore? I pray the Lord will comfort you while he's gone.

I love you Jenn,

Laurel Wreath said...

They grow so fast. I love these pictures!!

GiBee said...

Oh, my word ... she's so tiny!

God gave you a little morning-sickness-break so you and Justin could enjoy each other's company before he left town! Awesome!

victoria said...

oh my goodness caleb has some beautiful eyes. glad miss ava is healthy!

Heather Smith said...

I'm way behind on blogs, so I'm just now reading this, but Caleb, Claire and Ava are all adorable. Ava is so little!! Hope you're doing well!

Munchkin Land said...

I have been wanting and trying to leave a message for days... Blogger kept kicking me off! I love these photos and it looks like you had an incredible time with family. Thanks for sharing!!

The Davis' said...

All the kids look so cute. Ava reminds me of pictures of myself when I was a preemie. I know she's very tiny, but extremely loved and blessed! I enjoyed the picture of Caleb "kissing" Ava. That is precious.

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