Thursday, February 22, 2007

How am I doing?

A couple of you have called or emailed to see how I'm doing. Since I haven't posted much since the pregnancy announcement, you could probably tell things aren't going all that well. I've been pretty sick this last week. It just seems to be getting worse. Yesterday was probably the worst day yet as far as not feeling well, and it was the day Caleb chose to run like a madman around the house and get mad at me for not taking him outside. Fixing him lunch and dinner about made me lose mine. My sense of smell is incredibly heightened. We drove by a restaurant the other day and I had to cover my nose but hubby couldn't even smell anything.

My hormones have also been going CRAZY! I cry when cleaning commercials come on because my house is such a mess. Yesterday I was watching a commercial about how there are around 60,000 germs on your kitchen table and I cried because I feel so guilty that I haven't been cleaning.

And can I just say that being pregnant with a 17-month-old in the house is HARD. Those of you with more than one child already knew that...I welcome myself to the club.

I'm also not cooking much or doing anything remotely domestic...unless you count laying on the couch and ordering pizza domestic.

I try not to beat myself up because in a few weeks (5 or so if my pregnancy with Caleb is any indication) life will be back to some sort of "normal" and I'll be better at all the things I'm supposed to be doing right now. I thank God for a wonderful husband who does the dishes, gives Caleb a bath, brings home dinner, and doesn't complain. Oh, and also says things like, "if you need a break this weekend, you can go to your sister's house alone and I'll keep Caleb here." I don't deserve him. *happy sigh*

So, I don't know when I'll be back here regularly. Hopefully soon. Until then I'll be eating cereal for every meal and hoping to get down something resembling health food in the near future.


Dave & Lisa said...

Oh man, I didn't realize it was going quite this hard for you! I remember when you were pregnant with Caleb and how sick you were then. It just makes sense that adding a highly energetic little boy to the mix would be almost more than you can handle!

I continue to pray that the Lord will give you strength and help you through this yuck time of your pregnancy. I also pray that you will be able to eat! Just remember that you have parents nearby who love to see Caleb, and don't be afraid to take up your hubby's offer if it gets to be too much.

I love you so much,

stephanie said...

((((Jenn)))) I'll be praying for you! My 2nd preg. was the hardest on me physically and I was sick so much - it's so difficult with a toddler! Just hang in there ... do NOT feel bad about videos and PBS right now. :) In just a few weeks, you'll be feeling more like yourself.

Laurel Wreath said...

Girl you are in for a ride for your life. I had two boys in the span of 18 months. The first year is the hardest, but let me tell you it gets better and very wonderful. Just hold on right now, don't beat yourself up with what does not get done. Just do what you can, and that is it!


Shalee said...

I remember being like that with my second pregnancy too. Ugh. But it does get better. And the plus side of this (yes, there is one) is that if you're loosing weight now, you won't look like you've gained so much on the back end. Silver linings, Jenn... just look for them because they're there.

Hang in there and quit beating yourself up for the way your body is working (overtime, I might add.) Just thank God for his divine wisdom of pairing you with a man who is understanding, loving and a God-send.

Cmommy said...

WOW! Congratulations!!! I missed the last post~~

Hang in there and don't worry about the house. I was a lovely--not--shade of green through my first trimesters. The smell issue is difficult; I still can't use Dial soap! email if you need to chat :-)Chrissy

MAK said...

Stop guilting yourself. Your job right now is to have a healthy baby and whatever else you manage to accomplish is just icing on the cake. No serious harm will come to Caleb if he lives in a messy house for a few weeks (or months if necessary)
I can't imagine being pregnant with a toddler (I pretty much slept thru my pregnancy with my daughter, I was so tired all the time!) so just get through it however you can and accept any and all offers to help! Blessings!

victoria said...

so sorry you are having a rough time and wishing you some relief.

GiBee said...

Honey, you just let Caleb do whatever he wants, let the housekeeping go, and don't worry about being domestic.

Just take care of you and the baby. Everything else will take care of its self.


And don't smell.

But breath.

Munchkin Land said...

I'm holding my 9-day-old son in my arms as I'm catching up on your pregnancy. Hang in there!! I remember those daya not too fondly. But just think of the miracle taking place in your body and know that it will all be worth it in the end!!

Heather Smith said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! I hear it's all worth it at the end of 9 months (I'm hoping to learn that lesson someday myself, but I have to find a hubby first! LOL!)

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