Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm An Aunt--Proof! *fixed*

I got to see and hold Miss Ava Grace this weekend. Here is me trying to burp her the first night we were there. I couldn't seem to do it right since she's so small. I thought I might break a few bones in the process, so her mommy had to take over. It took me a while to get used to her size!

Caleb trying to get a good look a the "beebee." I think if he could have found something to climb up on, he'd have been in there with her.

This is as close as we would let Caleb get, and only once, for the sole purpose of taking a picture of him with his cousin. Sitting still for pictures isn't really what he's good at. Now, throwing and catching a ball 10,000 times a day is right up his alley!

Caleb trying to get a good look a the "beebee." I think if he could have found something to climb up on, he'd have been in there with her.

Ava is doing well. Besides keeping her mommy and daddy awake a lot wanting to feed ALL.THE.TIME and really slowly, everything is going well at their house. It was so good to be able to hold her!


Munchkin Land said...

I couldn't see the pictures, they were X'd out for some reason. But I'm so glad that you got some time with your sister and niece. I'm sure she's precious...

The Best Family said...

I couldnt see the pics either... but I am so glad Ava is home and able to have you guys come visit her... when I brought my premie home, he did the same thing as far as feeding goes. I was wearing myslef out, so I got a system where I would nurse him for as long as he would and then pump while Clint fed him more in a bottle. That would help him to get full and sleep a little better. I had 3 other little boys to take care of, so I was pretty desperate for some sleep and some time to spend with them as well as the new baby! Little Ava will get better and faster at eating with time! I am so glad to hear that they are doing well!

Carol said...

Mercy sakes! I didn't know they made 'em that small. No wonder you couldn't get a good burp out of her.

Okay, how about a close-up of the baby? (Caleb's a handsome little rascal, isn't he?)

Heather said...

Glad Miss Ava has made it home!! Even though I have helped deliver babies, I haven't done it in a few years, so I forget that some are SOOO TINY!!

Laurel Wreath said...

Yea!!! What an awesome Aunt! You are going to have so much fun spoiling her. Oh I love the pictures.

Barb said...

She's precious, Jenn. Tiny, tiny but so sweet. All these photos are great. I went back and read your post to your sister again. It was just one of the nicest tributes to a sister I've ever read.

I saw that your comments on that one went to anonymous. You must have just switched over to new blogger. I think they'll come back.

By the way, I had a problem at one point with seeing little red exes instead of photos. I accidentally discovered that if you click on the red ex, the photo will usually pop up.

Dave & Lisa said...

Wow, Jennifer, you look great! It's nice to see pictures of you on here from time to time. :-)

I'm so glad little Ava is doing well. Our God is so good! What a relief that she is healthy. We continue to pray for her little body to gain weight! (Do you ever think about how ironic it is that I'm praying just the opposite for myself? Anyway...)

Even in still pictures, Caleb looks BUSY! I can only imagine his level of energy. Do you think those years of managing 30+ high school students at once prepared you even a little bit for one tiny boy? But what a precious little boy!!

I love you, my friend. Keep these pictures coming!

Always, Lisa

briar_rose_01 said...

So great to see that Ava is doing alright! I'm keeping your sister's little family in my prayers.
I've worried about being too-strong - even when holding hands for prayers during church I sometimes worry that I might hurt someone if I squeeze too hard. This despite the fact that I haven't worked out in years & am the biggest wuss. But I'm sure if I were holding someone as tiny as Ava I'd be freaking out. :)

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