Saturday, January 05, 2008


While we were in New Mexico, I was so blessed to be able to reunite with my best friend, who now lives in Alaska. Her parents live about 5 hours from Justin's parents, so they made the drive to see us. What a blessing it was! Unfortunately, Lisa got altitude sickness the night they spent there and we didn't have much time the next morning for catching up and chatting. But, I'm so thankful for even the chance to see her face and those of her husband and parents. Seeing each other face to face is a very rare treat!

My mother-in-law, ever the gracious hostess, made dinner for everyone the night they were there and it was amazing! Green chile chicken burritos. Yummmmmmy.

Here's Lisa's post about the trip and one picture of us together.


jettybetty said...

How fun! Sorry Lisa got sick. Is she from Amarillo?

Dave & Lisa said...

I was so, so blessed to see you guys! It really stunk to be sick, and I was amazed at the bad timing... but you're right, just seeing you in person was worth the trip. :-)

I did send you a disk with all the pictures and videos we took, so hopefully you'll get that soon!

Love you!!

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