Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Things around here are busy, as you can tell from the lack of posting lately. Caleb's suffering from a little virus. I had to take him and Justin to the doctor on Saturday morning (Justin also has been suffering from a weird virus that attacked the muscles in his arms and made them really weak. He's much better and getting stronger every day). Mommy finally gets to feeling better and everyone else gets sick!

Justin and I have a dinner to go to tomorrow night at his work for employees and spouses. No kids. So, I have to find someone to watch Caleb for a few hours. These are the times I wish we had family close because I know my mom and Justin's mom would jump at the chance for us to drop Caleb off for a few hours. *sigh* Most of our friends have more than one child at this point, so it gets trickier to find someone who is not busy with their own family life when I need a babysitter. My favorite babysitter is getting married next month and moving to Arkansas, so she's a little busy with all that.

GiBee commented on my last post that I should be pregnant more often because it "agrees with me." I just had someone at church tell me that on Sunday night. And during my last pregnancy more than one person said it, too. I agree...I look better pregnant than I do not pregnant because pregnancy is the only time I can't seem to gain any weight! My face is thin, and I love it! :-) I feel that same way about being pregnant more often and would have a bunch of kids (my husband and my family are cringing right now because they know how many kids I've said I wanted!), except that I'm not sure I could be as sick as I've been with this one and take care of more than one child. At my last appointment, my doctor said she didn't know how I'd been taking care of a little one feeling like I have been. I've had lots of help; that's the only way!

Caleb and I just started a "mommy and me" swim class last week. It's good for us to get out of the house, and for me to get a little exercise in the process. He HATED it. He pretty much screamed his head off the entire time. Probably because he was getting sick and his mommy didn't know it yet. They sing fun songs and play with toys in the water, so I'm hoping he warms up to it this week. It's fun for us to do something like this together because pretty soon we won't have that luxury when mommy is nursing a newborn.

I'm also helping with our church's VBS next week. I'm doing a little enrichment booth on prayer that the kids will spend about 8 minutes in (there are about 15 booths that they will visit in between the lessons and crafts). If y'all have any bright ideas on how to talk to kids entering Kindergarten through 6th grade about prayer, send them my way. I taught high school and don't yet have kids in elementary school, so I'm not really sure how to go about it. (They will be studying about Jonah, Daniel, David & Goliath, Esther, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in their lessons, so I want to tie in a little of what they've already learned or will by the end of the week.)


Munchkin Land said...

Wow! Life sure is busy for you right now, huh? I'm with you, if Jon and I could afford it, we'd have a ton of children. Because despite the sickness part, I just LOVE being pregnant and being a mommy. I hope Caleb starts enjoying the swimming classes soon...

Shalee said...

I know what you mean. I just can't seem to get caught up on much of anything (especially blogging, in case you can't tell). Work is so time consuming and getting the kids ready to leave for the grandparents and the fun blessings that God gave to us last week seems to drain my energy and my brain.

Just take a breather, take care of that wonderful family and know that God will give you the strength to get through it all.

And GiBee's right. You look great in that picture below!

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