Monday, June 04, 2007

In Order to Please My Mother

Family picture at the Detroit Zoo

My mom has been hounding my sister and I to update our blogs, so here it is. :-)

Our trip to Detroit was good. Caleb did exceptionally well on the plane both times, despite being confined to our laps for 2 1/2 hours and being delayed in the airport for an hour and a half on the way out there.

The rest of the time his body was invaded by some alien child. He was CLINGY to his daddy and me the WHOLE time. He wouldn't even let his Mimi take him outside to swing while I took a shower...for a whole week. I guess we really had him out of his comfort zone, being in a totally new place and wreaking havoc on his schedule (up too late at night, sleeping in the same room with mom and dad, and little or no naps).

It was so great, however, to spend time with hubby's family! We only get to see them a few times a year, and we had not visited his brother in Detroit in 3 years. I didn't have a brother growing up, so I've adopted hubby's brothers as my own. Any girl they want to marry will have to get through me first and I am PICKY and protective! ;-)

So, to the part my mom really wants to see,the pictures.

Caleb doing his favorite thing as of late, swinging ("Mommy, wing more! wing more! wing more!")

Sporting his new Cookie Monster and Elmo bibs from Mimi:

Daddy and Caleb at Greenfield Village (in the Henry Ford Center complex):

Caleb "talking" on the phone. He always wants to talk to whomever I'm talking to, and sometimes he holds things up to the phone for them to see. :-)

Daddy and Caleb at the monkey exhibit (can you tell who was taking the pictures?):

I think that's about long enough for now. I'm feeling MUCH better these days; it seems 22 weeks was the magic number this time around! I'll try to remember to take another belly pic soon. Strangers are asking me when I'm due, so I know I've gotten bigger. Still no weight gain to speak of, besides the two pounds, but the baby is moving a lot and having a good old time in my belly. It seems he has the same schedule as his older brother did in utero...wake up just as mom wants to go to sleep and kick her.

I hear Caleb on the monitor saying, "poo poo diaper," so I'd better go check and see if it's a false alarm or not. I hope so. ;-)


Munchkin Land said...

Those are really fun pictures, Jenn. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the one of all three of you at the zoo. You look amazing!! =) I'm glad the sickness is going away and that you're feeling better. Just think, your second son is going to be here before you know it! Have you decided on a name yet?

Melissa said...

Glad to see you looking so well! It was nice to catch up with you.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Laurel Wreath said...

Adorable pictures, especially the first. Thanks for sharing them. So glad to hear you are feeling better.

Laura said...

Jen - so glad your mom hounded you to update - the pictures were great - especially that family one (you have that glowing look about you!) and I love the one with Caleb on the swing!! Thank you too for sending me a birthday card. It was nice to come back to happy wishes from friends!

Kerri Schaefer said...

What a great ime you guys had. Don't worry about clingy, it is a phase...RIGHT??? You all look so wonderful in the picture. Tell Caleb we would love to play soon...Maybe Malachi can get out of this YUCKY hospital soon!

MAK said...

Great pictures! I got to meet your Mom at church yesterday. That may have your Dad standing behind her but I did not actually meet him. Ava is filling out and is cute as she can be. Come see for yourself! so glad you are feeling better!

proud parents said...

I am so glad you finally updated your blog. I couldn't quit laughing at the picture of Caleb in the swing. It is so big on him!! Also, so that's what it looks like when Caleb "talks" to me on the phone. No wonder I can't hear him very well! I can't wait to see him again. It has been too long. He isn't going to recognize his Aunt Kiki!

jettybetty said...

I am so glad you are feeling better--yay--I love the smile on your face. Glad ya'll had a great trip!

GiBee said...

Do you know how many times I've been checking both your blogs, and on your other blog, each time I check, it's ... EASTER PICTURES, STILL????? GAAAH!

I'm so glad to hear you're doing better. And by the way ... you look adorable. Pregnancy agrees with you. You should do it more often!!

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