Monday, June 25, 2007

The "Mommer"

"Mommer" is what Caleb calls his pacifier. Yes, he's 21 months old and we still let him have a pacifier (only when he sleeps). Before I had kids this was one of those "things" my children would NEVER do. A child walking around with a pacifier! Hmph. Well, as we all know, having children promptly kicks you off your high horse about any of these types of issues. I know the experts say they shouldn't have a pacifier past 15 months...blah, blah, blah. I know.

Part of the problem is that Caleb doesn't have anything else that he's attached to. I have put the same stuffed animals and blanket in his bed almost since his birth. He could care less about any of them. He's not attached to any sort of "lovey." Except the "mommer."

We have no idea why he started calling it a "mommer." We have always called it a pacifier or a paci, but he has affectionately named it his "mommer." Maybe because it sounds like "mommy" and he loves his mommy so much and she is so comforting to him. Yeah, we'll go with that.

I got pregnant when Caleb was 15 months old, the last possible date at which the experts say a pacifier should be used. And, as has been well-documented on this blog, the next 5 months I was practically incapacitated with nausea and vomiting. We decided this period of time was NOT the appropriate time to try and take away the pacifier because I just couldn't deal with that and the nausea, too. We needed to retain all sense of comfort and normalcy that we could since mommy wasn't at her best during those months.

So. We've reached that time where we're overdue to get rid of the thing and he's terribly attached to it. We want it gone before the baby gets here and he tries to steal the baby's pacifier for his own.

I expect there to be much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the loss of the "mommer." I know some kids get rid of it themselves or never grow very attached to it at all. Caled came out of the womb with a suck blister on his wrist. The nurses asked me as soon as they could if we might permit Caleb to have a pacifier. Once I had nursed him a couple of times, I agreed, and everyone (especially Caleb) was a lot happier. It's always been his comfort.

I'll let you know how it goes.

(And, for the record, because I always feel like I'm defending the fact that Caleb still has a pacifier, mostly to myself because it's been drilled into my head that he shouldn't still have it, kids who are thumb-suckers go way past 15 months. I'm just sayin', no judgments.)


victoria said...

oh girlie I could go on an on about this kg will be 3 in november and has a paci only at nap and bedtime. my issue with it was mostly embarrassment and well her teeth but then realized every child has their comfort whether it is a blankie, an animal, need to be rocked to sleep, milk at bedtime, or a thumb and you cannot take a thumb away and their are people that do that way into 6-8 years and well most people need braces at some point and well they are baby teeth and they will fall out. Perhaps these are all just justifications for myself but I have a strong willed child that uses this as her comfort at night and really have come to the conclusion that this is a battle I am not ready to face. Timing is everything and when something huge is happening or an illness that is when they say not to b.c too many transitions can be too much and personally we are moving her into a big bed and potty training and thats enough to handle ;) good luck with this--do not feel like you have defend your parenting we all do what is best for us and our children. sorry for the long post but this has been something I too have had concerns about and am trying to just relax on which is not really in my repertoire since I try to do things by the books but books schmooks we all do the best we can--it could always be worse.

briar_rose_01 said...

Yeah, don't stress too much over the "appropriate" ages. I sucked my thumb until I hit double digits. Did it enhance my need for braces? Yes. But I can tell you even now that any efforts to get me to quit were met with strong resistance, and my parents didn't really worry too much about it. Its so not a big deal in the grand scheme. You know me and I turned our alright, right? ;)

Laura said...

I love that he calls it the mommer. That's awesome! :)

Lou might finally be done with hers. She'll be 30 months on July 4th and uses a "pas" at naps and nighttime. Last night, we were tucking her in bed and forgot to bring one up with us. We just looked at each other and back at her and said "no more pas" and that was it. She asked for it today at her nap and again tonight, but she's not really thrown the fit over it that I thought she might. Who knows, maybe Caleb will shock you and not care either. Then again... :) Good luck and pay no attention to what those on their high horses (that haven't had something knock them off yet) say. I've yet to hear of a child that strayed off the path of righteousness or good health because of an extended stint with a "mommer."

jettybetty said...

I'm with Laura--ALL my kiddos were addicted to pacies--and at some point we just made a decision they were too old and threw them away. I fretted about it so much--and then when the time came--it was pretty easy!

Rabbit said...

My 8 year old still sucks her thumb. Feel better? ;)

I tagged you for a meme if you'd like to participate!

Jada said...

I was past two when I gave up my pacifier AND bottle! And I turned out okay! I was an only child until I was almost three. My mom says that one day I just threw the paci and bottle out the car window! LOL

I enjoy your blog!


Wendy said...

My niece had hers until 2 yrs. and she turned out fine too. One day my sister-in-law decided to cut a hole in it and see what happened and my niece had no interest in it after that.

Barb said...

You don't need to defend anything, Aggiejenn. No judgments indeed - I totally agree. Every child is different and whatever works is OK in my opinion.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my wedding posts (will they never end?!!). LOL Your name is in the hat for the favor giveaway.

Kerri Schaefer said...

Malachi loved his " " Ba-pooh"!!! He even put two in his mouth at one time! You are doing great! Be patient and remember is takes at least three days to start breaking a habit...We cut the tip of EMily's Pappy off a little each day until there was nothing left and she threw it away on her own. Just a thought if you want to try it! Call me if you need moral support!!!
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