Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Toddler Bed

Brace yourselves. This will not be a pregnancy-related post. :-)

Monday night we decided to move Caleb to the toddler bed (now that Justin is home and finally over the jet lag). Since his crib is convertible, that just meant we had to take off the front and add two little rails to the sides. We thought it would be easy to make the transition because it's the same bed, just with a modification. Apparently it was a world of change for Caleb.

The first night it took us a little over an hour to get him to stay in the bed and actually sleep. There was much crying on Caleb's part. I guess it's a security thing since we took one of his "walls" away.

The second night, he fell out of the bed 3 times. The "rails" that came with the bed aren't quite big/long enough, in my opinion. We put his bumper pad back on that side to give him a little support in that space. It seemed to work last night.

Each night it's gotten a little bit easier and has taken less time for him to actually stay in bed and fall asleep. Nap time, however, has proven to be the hardest. He doesn't cry; he just refuses to sleep and wants to get out and grab every stuffed animal and toy in sight and put it in his bed. I think it's time to clear his room of everything until he learns how to nap with so much "freedom." We're getting there, I guess.


Laura said...

I found your last comment about how Caleb puts all his animals in the bed instead of taking a nap hilarious since I caught Lou doing the same thing. Instead of her being in the bed, she had put all her animals in there to take a nap. At least they were well rested. Then again, they aren't the ones to usually throw all out tantrums when they're tired two hours later either. :) I'm glad it is getting easier for him though with this transition.

I'm so excited for you and the next few weeks!!! I can't wait to hear all the news on the new baby!!

Molly Coddled said...

Sorry it's been difficult. Hopefully Justin is handling all of it and you're just laying on the couch with your feet elevated, and maybe a dish of ice cream in your hands.

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