Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Levi!

How is it you went from this...

to this...?

We love you, sweet boy! You have such a personality now, and you try to copy your big brother all the time. We think it's so cute when you put your hands over your ears and say, "It yowd!"

You have the biggest smile that makes other people smile, too. Everyone thinks you and Caleb are only one year apart because you are such a big boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Levi! You are so loved.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday Levi! We love you! Poppa and Grandma

Kay said...

Happy Birthday Levi! You are a beautiful boy; I love and miss you so much.


Dave and Lisa said...

Happy birthday, Levi! What a blessed boy you are to have a family who loves you so much. :-)

P.S. How do little boys celebrate their birthdays in Singapore?

Hol and J said...

Happy Birthday Levi! Have a wonderful week.

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