Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Singapore Post Office

My sweet friend, Lisa, emailed me several weeks ago and said she wanted to send us a care package and wanted to know what things we'd like that we cannot get in Singapore. So sweet of her! I sent her a list, and she went shopping. Then she mailed the package.


They tried to deliver it on August 15 (a Saturday), but we were not home. We found a little card stuck in our door, brought it inside, and never saw it again. I don't know if we accidentally threw it away or if one of the boys got it and hid it. Both possibilities are highly likely. The card had a tracking number on it, and without the tracking number they could not tell me where the package was.

I've been calling and waiting and checking for over 3 weeks for that package. I've been put on hold with the PO for 20 minutes, and my call has been disconnected a jillion (or maybe 10) times. I was at a post office today mailing a package to Texas and asked the lady what to do about my missing package. She asked me my address and said I needed to go to the Tanglin Post Office. This is the first time that someone has actually told me which post office I needed to go to! So, I went, gave the woman behind the counter my address and off she went to locate the package. Only, she came back with nothing. She asked me what color the card was that the delivery person left at our door on August 15. I said, "beige." She said beige is the color of the reminder card, and after 5 days of receiving the reminder card they send the package back to the sender. I have NO IDEA when/IF we received a white delivery card! GRRR.

I'm so sorry, Lisa! I hate that this happened, and I'm so frustrated with the Singapore P.O. that I could scream. Maybe I will...I'm the only one home now.

*Very Annoyed*

Ok. Rant Over.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

There is a PO warehouse.. I have gone there before and told them my address and then they had to go in the warehouse (took 2 hours to find it) but I got it... good luck...

Dave and Lisa said...

So sorry about all this frustration for you! I had a thought the other morning that maybe the package is still in Singapore after all since it has not yet returned to me in Alaska.... At any rate, I hope that you are either able to locate it there or that it comes back to me so I can send it back to you (whew!) before your NutriGrain bars get stale and your flour tortillas turn moldy. :-) I love you!!

Anonymous said...

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