Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random and Unrelated Thoughts

-Caleb spoke the following sentence as I was bathing the boys tonight, "I didn't want a little brother." Ummm...ok. So many things I could say. I chose, "Well, God wanted you to have one." :-)

-I love when Levi says, "yook, mommy, yook!" (yook=look) He's got a tiny bit of a lisp that I think is adorable for now, but would probably make my speech therapist friend Jessie crawl out of her skin. (Hi, Jessie!)

-We had friends over last night for Supper Club, and I cooked Mexican food. My kitchen has never been full of so many dirty dishes. I think I used every last measuring device, pot and pan. Justin and I tag-teamed the clean-up this afternoon. It took a while. But the fellowship with friends over a good meal was totally worth it!

-Justin offered to do Jakeb's (an awesome 16-year-old son of our friends Tommy and Andrea) homework for him if he came and did our dishes today.
-Jakeb turned down the offer. :-)

-The things I miss the most about Texas, besides family and friends because that is always a given, are as follows (in no particular order): my car, my dishwasher, Blue Bell ice cream, Target, Sonic drinks, and air conditioning in the kitchen and bathrooms.

-We have plane tickets to Thailand for October 16, and I'm about to go crazy with anticipation. I cannot wait to get back there!
-I love that I'm the only foreigner in my BSF discussion group. It's a blessing to hear the views on Scripture and life struggles/victories of Singaporean women.

-Justin hooked up our PC for the first time since we've been here (we've been using the laptop) and blew the breaker multiple times. We've got to go shopping for more adapters and converters. The computer is operational, but we cannot plug in the printer and speakers at the same time yet.

-I cannot get my hair straightener to work here. The guy at electronics store in Houston sold me a travel converter for up to 2000 watts. I'm guessing that's not enough because the only thing that happens is that lights flash and there is a clicking noise.

-Simon is preaching a really great series about the local church on Sunday mornings. Good stuff.

-I really wish we were going to experience fall here. I told Justin tonight that I would love to take a trip to the States for just one day in early November. Cool air, changing leaves, and fall Starbucks drinks. Ahhh. One can only dream.

-I cannot believe I'm the mother of a four-year old...

This made them SO happy!

This was the "Play-Doh room" at the boys' birthday party. My friends thought I was a little crazy to let the kids free play with play-doh, but we have wood floors so it was an easy clean-up. the kids loved it!

The kids in their art smocks they received for their birthdays (thanks, Andrea!)


Andrea said...

So cute! Love the pictures!! I'm so glad Jakeb turned down that offer from Justin. Jakeb didn't tell me about that. :)

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So cute... can't wait to get my hands on them again... when can I see you again?

Melanie said...

That was a great party and a lovely dinner!!! I miss so much from the states too, but am loving the new friendships I have made here. Thanks for being there for me :-)

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