Friday, September 18, 2009

The Singapore Post Office, Take Two

So, after I ranted on here about SingPost and my lost package, I got a really nice email from a lady at their corporate offices. She had read my post and wanted me to know that they were sorry I was having trouble locating the package and wanted to help me. After sending her the necessary information, I received emails from two more people at SingPost and two phone calls.

At the end of all those conversations, my package had still not been located, but I was thankful that several people had tried.

Then today it showed up at my door! I have no idea where it's been, since the original date they wrote on the box was 14 August, but I'm thankful to have received it!


Melanie said...

OK, this happened to me!! My mom sent me something and the USPS said it arrived here on September 6 and I had to go through all these emails to finally get the package yesterday! Such a pain.

Dave and Lisa said...

Yea! So funny how it all happened, but I am just glad you got it! :-)

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