Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Things Levi Says

Now that Levi is talking more and saying things we can actually understand, it's only fair I share his quirky sayings. I'll act as translator.

"Umm me, Mama. Bible down." (Come with me, Mama. Put The Bible down. He calls any book I'm reading The Bible.)

"Kayla do that." (Caleb did that. May or may not be true!)

"No sho, Daddy." (No, sir, Daddy.)

"Boo saksy." (Blue taxi.)

"Wowwy, Kayla." (Sorry, Caleb.)

"No, I walk." (He refuses help most of the time, even on stairs. Mr. Independent, indeed.)

1 comment:

Dave and Lisa said...

Too funny! I am so glad you are memorializing these for later! :-)

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