Tuesday, September 01, 2009


When the kids are in school, I walk a lot more. :-) The other day I took the bus by their school and stopped off at the wet market for some fruits and vegetables. Here's the view from the pedestrian bridge over Farrer Road. All that construction you see is for the new Circle Line MRT. We are very anxious for them to finish so that we will have an MRT station within walking distance of our condo.
A view of the HDB (Housing Development Board) flats (apartments) by the Empress Market...

The stairs down from the pedestrian bridge. (There are 38, in case you're wondering. And an equal set on the other side of the street.)
The church where I attend Bible study and MOPS is just behind the Empress Market, and about a 20-minute walk from our place. On Monday morning I decided to take Caleb in the stroller (so there'd be no complaining from him!) and walk to Bible study. There is no crosswalk on Farrer Road, so we have to go up the stairs, over the pedestrian bridge, and down the stairs to get to the other side (I made Caleb get out and walk then, of course). Needless to say, the walk was great exercise, but I was soaking wet by the time I arrived and we won't be doing that again. We'll stick to the bus. But I do enjoy that walk when we don't need to look presentable, and if I'm by myself. Lugging Levi and/or the stroller up and down those stairs is not fun!

And, lastly, a picture of the boys. They were both playing computer games yesterday. Levi must do whatever his big brother is doing, which more often than not gets him in trouble, but here they were content to side side by side and play together. Siblings are so fun!


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Great pics of everyday life... love it... and we have been having cooler days so that is nice...

Melanie said...

It is nice to have a tiny bit less heat, huh!??! And I love the computer picture :-)

Dave and Lisa said...

You are such a great mommy, Jennifer! And I have this feeling that you are going to be in fantastic shape before you know it. ;-) I so enjoyed talking with you yesterday. You are a breath of fresh air, my friend, and I love you!

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