Monday, January 25, 2010


The boys have been competing for attention pretty severely lately. If Levi does something that makes us laugh, Caleb says, "Now I'll make you laugh." This is just the beginning of the sibling rivalry we expect to encounter over the years. We so much want them to be friends and NOT compete with each other, so that is definitely something we'll be working on!

Levi is learning to potty train. I left the boys in the bathroom to grab the camera and came back to this; Caleb is literally climbing the walls now:
My big boy!
And the big brother who said, "Now take MY picture." Can't bear for little brother to be the focus of our attention.
"Now ME, Mommy!!"
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Melanie said...

They are both so cute! I only have Juliana and she is always wanted my full attention, which is often hard!!!!

Dave and Lisa said...

Oh boy, you do have your hands full! ;-)

Erica said...

Hey Jenn...Yes, I was in Phi Beta Chi...I think I still have a sweet potato recipe that you gave me many years ago!
I love your blog...can I add it to my blog roll?
Jesus is glorified all over the place, and I love that. Thanks for contacting me!

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