Friday, January 08, 2010

Nature Walk

The boys and I went on a nature walk today. Our goal was to see how many different types of leaves we could find, evidences of God's amazing creativity, and even collect a few off the ground to look at.

Here are the boys at the start of the walk:
Why are you taking our picture?

"Look, Mom, a HUGE leaf!"

Acting silly!

We didn't make it far because we got distracted by this:

We saw lots of different leaves!

We continued our leaf-hunting and rode the bus down to the post office. We even saw one plant whose leaves looked like flames. Pretty cool, especially to a 4-year-old boy. After we picked up our package at the post office (a precious book called The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name...cannot wait to use it for daily readings with the boys. Every story in the Bible truly does whisper His name.), we decided to walk across the street to McDonald's for lunch since we were out. We got across the street only to realize that McDonald's in Tanglin Mall is no more. In the last week or so they apparently ripped out the whole thing. Weird. We made other plans and headed home for naptime. We had a great morning! Wax paper leaf rubbings are in our near future.
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Melanie said...

OK, did not know that about tanglin, thanks for updating me! And that walk looks like it was a blast. We should do one together sometime! Miss you.

Dave and Lisa said...

Very cool! And I love that you have that Bible for the boys. We sent that one to our nieces and nephews for Christmas, and I just almost sent one for Caleb and Levi, too! I know they will be blessed by it. :-)

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