Monday, January 04, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of a Grandmother with Internet Access

(or the alternate title, "Ask and You Shall Receive.")

Remember when Caleb had me pray for this:

Two Transformers umbrellas arrived at our door today. Thank you,Grandma and The boys were very excited. :-) I finally had to take them away because they are not toys (a phrase Levi has become very familiar with lately).

Caleb and I decided to ring in 2010 by getting sick, so we've had a head cold/allergy/sinus thing going on all weekend. Pretty crummy.
Speaking of Caleb, he's been asking a lot of questions about death and dying. We're not really sure why, but pretty sure it's just some sort of natural phase he's going through. He asks us when he'll die, how he'll die, etc. It's not a happy topic and we try to answer his questions and redirect his energy and thoughts other places. But the other day he did ask something I smiled at. "Mom, when I die will I go to Texas?" :-) No, Caleb, contrary to popular belief in Texas, it's not Heaven. Heaven is way better than Texas.

Levi is talking so much now, and finally speaking real, full sentences. In the car the other day, Justin said amid the loud chatter in the back seat, "Remember when we couldn't wait for Levi to start talking?" Yeah. And now he won't stop.

I'll hopefully get our pictures of Phuket loaded soon and share them with you. It was a nice, quick vacation out of the city.
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Melanie said...

I know what you mean about talking, Juliana is a chatterbox! And whenever the attention isn't on her, look out! Love the umbrellas!

Anonymous said...


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