Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fetching the Boys from School

For all my American friends, that means "picking up the boys from school." :-) I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the process of getting the boys from school in the afternoon. When we lived in Texas, the process of getting Caleb from school was this: get in car, drive to school, pick up Caleb. It's a little different here since I don't have a car. :-) And his school in Texas was on a huge piece of property; that's pretty different here, too.

When I start out walking from our place, this is what I see. We see a lot of cranes in Singapore because they are always building something!

Walking down the street (it's 647m from our place to the bus stop that gets me to the bus going to the boys' school. ..almost 1/2 mile. Yes, I mapped it on Google. )Crossing the street.
Sitting at the bus stop waiting for one of the 3 bus #'s that will get me to school.

Inside the bus. That purple and orange thing is where we scan our bus card.

Off the bus and walking down another street to school.

Almost there! The red roof behind the trees is their school. (The big white building is a church.)

The gate.
Inside the gate is the courtyard that functions as their check-in place and playground. They check their temperature EVERY day they go to school. Caleb's was high last week and he had to come home early.
Sitting outside the school putting on their shoes ready to head home.
Walking to the street to flag down a taxi.
We found one! Headed home for naptime.
I'm tired. Are you? :-)


The Johnsons said...

That is a work-out! :) I'll try real hard not to complain about taking the kids to HEB or Target from now on.

Melanie said...

It's amazing how you take it all for granted with a car, huh? So tiring!

Hol and J said...

Thank you for you daily reminders of how truly blessed we are: Having a car even if it's shared. Grocery stores 5 minutes away. The ease of getting from one place to another (quickly).

On the other hand, I'd LOVE to see public transportation grow/expand in Houston. I'm all for reducing the amount of fuel we use, and in turn being more green. They can even put bike lanes all over the city and suburbs while they're at it.

Leone said...

It probably does not happen with every school here ... but I see the small children (about 4 years old) being picked up by the shuttle buses at about 6.15 in the mornings.

The maids all wait with them for each school shuttle bus to come along and off they go!

At about 7.00am the older ones start going in their buses.

I am out walking the dogs at this time and have often thought how convenient it is that the shuttles pick up all the children and bring them back again.

It obviously does not happen for every school then!

Such a pain to take them by bus though ... still we are blessed to have the very best in the way of a public transport system. :-)

Laura said...

You are my new inspiration. If I were in your shoes, we'd never leave if I had to go through all that work. Good for you!!!

Erica said...

That is quite the process. Thank you for makes our little errands seem not so "significant"

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