Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, I wish you could have seen me

I got my workout in for the day. Just a little while ago the boys and I returned from lunch and the grocery store. I had Levi strapped to the front of me in the carrier, two grocery bags in one hand, and holding Caleb's hand with the other. And then it started raining.

It was a LONG walk from the grocery store to the MRT, then from the MRT to our apartment. Needless to say I was soaked with sweat (and a little rain, too), and my arms are still shaking from carrying almost 30 pounds of Levi and two heavy grocery bags. Probably should have taken a taxi home! (My husband would be proud of me for trying to be thrifty.) :-) I've already lost 8 pounds since we got here from all the walking and sweating, so maybe today will help a little more!

We're going to a Mongolian BBQ place for dinner (SO yummy...surprise, Justin!), and Caleb has been asking for a week to go to the restaurant with the fountain you can play in. Better remember to bring a change of clothes for them!

I'm wondering if my friend, Andrea, who just arrived in Singapore this morning has realized why I only wear mascara and lip gloss now. The rest just sweats right off my face. Plus, the heat and sweating gives you a nice "glow" and "rosy" cheeks naturally. At least that's what I tell myself.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, 8 lbs.! I'm so proud of you. Juggling the boys and the groceries, plus the rain! You probably lost the weight that day. Court said Clayton has gotten thinner. He said it's a daily sauna. He has 2 more weeks before he comes home. Glad you were able to connect. Hope you can again before he flys back to the states. God bless you, Justin, Caleb and Levi. Love to all! ~Lyn~

Dave and Lisa said...

Haha, what a great weight loss plan with killer arms thrown in. :-) Love you!

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