Sunday, June 28, 2009

Outings and Our Crazy Kids!

Blogger is putting the pictures in backwards order, so these are all messed up as to when we did stuff. But, here's what we've been doing lately.

Levi playing in the fountain at Clark Quay. We ate at "The Tent" Mongolian restaurant with our friends, The Stunz's. It was so yummy! Our kids adore their kids who are 18, 16, and 10. And they've been babysitting for us, which we so appreciate. There are so many things here that it's just easier if the kids are not with us, like shopping for tvs!
Caleb picked out his own outfit...could you tell? He wears his Batman cape that Mimi made for him ALL.THE.TIME. He got A LOT of attention with this get-up, so he eventually ditched the hat. The cape stayed on, though!

Sign in the MRT station. Don't jump on the tracks, people!

After church this morning, we headed to Holland Village for lunch. There was a group of kids there and one girl stopped and told us they were playing a game and asked if they could take a picture with our cute kids. She called them cute, so we couldn't refuse. I wouldn't let them leave until I had a picture, too. The kids didn't know what to think!

There's a koi pond here where we're staying, and one of the guys let the boys feed the fish the other day. The fed the fish and then threw big rocks at them. No matter how many times they get in trouble for that, they keep doing it.

Our family on top of Vivo, Singapore's largest mall. Not a great picture, but the only one we have of all of us so far. Caleb wouldn't stop moving, so he's blurry. Notice the cape. Again.

Singapore is having its River Festival right now. Justin and I had a date the other night (YAY for date nights!), and we walked down by the river. They had a strange float parade going on that we didn't exactly understand. All the lights were pretty, though. And there was a cool breeze, too, so that was nice and unexpected here.

So, that's what we've been up to. We're so ready to move to our permanent place and have our own furniture and belongings. Today I was scrubbing crayon off the wall here with laundry stain remover. It worked really well, but we need to get out of this place before the boys destroy everything!
And, lastly, here's how a conversation with Levi goes lately. He's really picking up sentences...using two and three words together. But he's also asking lots of questions.
Me: Levi (calling to him)
Levi: Wha? (what?)
Me: Come here
Levi: Why?


Andrea said...

1. LOVE the outfit! Wish we'd been able to see the whole thing live and in person. But the cape is great too!

2. Don't forget that Levi can say "Nena" really well too. :)

3. You should use wordpress. It's so much easier to put pictures on it.

Leone said...

another nice posting.....

and the "strange float parade" is all part of the Singapore River Festival that was on from 19th June thru to 27th June.

After living here awhile, you will start to realise that there are many festivals / events / occasions / that just 'seem to happen' and we only learn about them AFTER the event!

Gotta keep our eyes open all the time here - or we are likely to miss something special.

National Day is the next BIG one.

Dave and Lisa said...

What a fun post! Love that cape. ;-) And the pic of all four of you is really good. I can tell at only 5 1/2 months that getting pictures of boys means they are usually going to be blurry because they don't seem to get the concept of holding still for the camera! By the way, if you upload your pictures in backwards order on Blogger (the last first, and so on), then they come out in the order you want on the post. Silly, but that's what I've been doing, anyway.
Love you so much!
P.S. The movies arrived. Please thank your mom for mailing them. :-)

Anonymous said...
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