Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Things Caleb Says

I'm seriously going to start writing down things Caleb says, especially now that we're in a foreign country. And, for future reference, if you have a child that asks about 1000 questions a day, DO NOT take them to a foreign country. You cannot imagine the number of questions that child has. Naturally, of course, but I think I'm going to start counting and limiting him. There's only so much a mama can take! :-)

Here are some things he's said recently:

"Is Singapore in the world?"

"Can we take a taxi?" (he's really tired of walking everywhere!)

"When we were at our hotel in the world..." (he means the one in Houston)

And Mr. Independent wants to do everything himself. He wants to scan his own MRT card, ride the escalator w/o holding anyone's hand, and JUMP off of every surface he can find!


Jessie said...

Hi Jenn, I hope you don't mind my stopping in. Andrea directed me to your blog because our family is also moving to Singapore this summer. We'll get there in August. We have two little boys, ages 4 and almost 2 and it is so good to read your blog! I've been wondering about a stroller in the MRT... looks like it'll be an adventure. Thanks for your posts!

Kay said...

Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for sharing this--it reminds me so much of when his daddy was little. They have such inquisitive minds that are never quiet unless they are asleep at that age. It sounds like a grand adventure! I love and miss you all. Kay

Dave and Lisa said...
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Dave and Lisa said...

You are doing so great, Jennifer! I am sorry I am just now catching up on your adventures - we've had three different waves of company here, and the most recent left this afternoon. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job, and I am thankful that you're enjoying it even though the adjustments for the little guys is not especially easy. It will come, and soon they will love it there! I continue to pray that God will take care of you guys and meet all your needs. That is just too funny that Caleb thinks you guys have left the world now that you're in Singapore. :-)

GiBee said...

Mr. Independent sounds exactly like Hunter! Especially the JUMPING part. AAAck!

So glad everything is going well so far. Your blog looks so beautiful! Love your header picture!!!

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