Thursday, June 04, 2009

Singapore, Day One

Our first day in Singapore is going well. Our plane landed about 1am this morning and we were settled at the hotel with kids bathed and in bed by about 3:15. Justin and I got to bed around 4, and then were both wide awake at 7 since our body clocks are seriously messed up. We've had a busy morning, which started at the Ministry of Manpower getting Justin's employment pass and our dependent passes (like green cards, and they're actually green!). We've walked around all morning, so now Levi is napping and Caleb and Justin are headed down to the pool. The boys are doing so well!

Here are some things I've noticed about Singapore in the half-day we've been here:

1. Getting around with a stroller is difficult, especially at the MRT (Singapore's subway system, stands for Mass Rapid Transit) stations and various other buildings. Lots of escalators and not always a convenient elevator.

2. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but what I had on this morning was running down my face in about the first 30 minutes. Sweet. Add tissues to the things I'll be carrying in my purse.

3. I have to get used to the signs they use here. I didn't recognize the one they use for sweet husband had to correct me when I thought I was headed toward the elevator and was really taking us all to the bathroom.

4. They call elevators "lifts." Singapore used to be a British colony, so their English is more British English with an Asian accent. And with their own special additives, of course.

5. I love it here. It just feels right. What a blessing that peace is!

And now, a few picures.

Levi at the airport with his harness monkey looking over his shoulder:

Our corporate apartment we'll be staying in for the first few weeks, until we find a permanent apartment. It's swanky!

Living Room:
Kitchen and Laundry Room:
Master Bedroom:
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The Johnsons said...

We are so glad to hear you made it there safely and everyone is doing so well! And you're right - your temp home is definitly swanky!

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