Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Other Earth

Caleb: "Mom can you buy me one of those pools in the other earth?"

Me: "Is Texas in the other earth?"

Caleb: "Yeah. Can you buy me one of those pools when we get back to Texas."

Me: "We'll see, Caleb, when we get back to Texas."

You've seen the pics of our corporate apartment, and now for a few pictures that are distinctly Asia...

These are light switches, a water heater switch, and the big thing controls the air con in the master bedroom. Each room has its own air con unit, and you only cool the rooms you're in (otherwise you're electric bill is HIGH). The two sets of switches on the right are for the sink and toilet areas. I can never remember which set goes to which, so I'm always turning on the wrong ones.

If you can tell, the kitchen is enclosed behind a door. In most cases, you don't cool the kitchen. It's gotta be lovely to cook in a hot kitchen with no air conditioning!

Shoe rack. Our temp apartment has a little closet for shoes right inside the door. You always take off your shoes when you enter someone's house. The maids, delivery people, and anyone else leaves their shoes outside our place when they enter.

And our air shipment arrived today. They asked me if I wanted them to unpack it, but where in the world would we put all this stuff??? (and Levi's giving you his "cheese" face)

That's about all for now. Its quite an adventure living here! We haven't ventured to local food too much because of the boys. We're trying to get them adjusted to living in a new culture before we go places that don't have spaghetti without sauce (Caleb's favorite) or chicken nuggets. Caleb's a pretty picky eater, and we've found that if they don't eat a good dinner they won't sleep well.


proud parents said...

I would die right now only cooling one room at a time. Could you imagine being pregnant over there??? You'll appreciate the little things when you get back.

Dave and Lisa said...

You're doing so great! Keep up the "can do" attitude. :-) My parents loved your comment about visiting Singapore, though of course my dad would never do it. My mom, though, she's the adventurous Asian traveler! Well, maybe that's just because I was over there as her incentive to visit. If Dave and I moved to Singapore and were your neighbors, then maybe my parents would come visit! ;-)

Reading this post, it strikes me as funny that Alaskans take their shoes off at the door, too. No matter where we live in the future I want to continue that custom. It really does keep the floors clean longer!

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