Thursday, June 04, 2009

Singapore, Day One, Part Two

Pics of our temporary apartment, continued from last post...

The view from our apartment:Caleb looking outside and telling me which pool he wanted to swim in:

The other half of Caleb's room (see last post), which I'm calling "Suitcase Central." We brought 12 suitcases--the max allowed for a family of four traveling in business class. We also have an air shipment arriving next week and a sea shipment in a few weeks. You just don't know what you're going to need and wish you would have brought!

Master Bath:
This pic is for my sister. She appreciates a good shower head. This one is incredible. Of course it could have felt so good because I hadn't showered in over 24 hours.

Dining table:

Caleb's room, complete with sock monkey!

Here's me trying to get a pic of my super curly hair to show you. Caleb's saying "cheese" if you couldn't tell. Look at those blue eyes!

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Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So glad you are here and things are going well. The apartment looks like a common apartment here so get use to all the marble, straight lines and glass... modern style... your hair looks great... and thank GOD for peace.

Andrea said...

I want to swim in all of them!! :) Can't wait to join you guys.

proud parents said...

The apartment looks really nice! I would try to stay there for the full 30 days since someone cleans it for you! :) I need to upload the pictures from the airport. I'll send them to you when I do.

Dana said...

I'm SO glad y'all made it and that the initial transition is going well! Everything looks so nice!

Carie said...

So glad things went well. The place looks incredible!!!

Marcia said...

So glad yall made it there smoothly. My cousin, Ron Lee, is living in Singapore right now. One of their sons is close in age to your boys. He's an aggie too, maybe you'll run into him sometime while you're there.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love the style of your apartment! Hope you are settling in nicely! You look adorable, too.


Leone said...

welcome to Singapore!!

Do hope you settle in soon and get to enjoy all the good things around you.

Leone and John

GiBee said...

Looks more like a vacation! Your hair looks great. Don't fight it. Work with it -- use a curling hair product (if you can find one in Singapor!)...

Everyone looks great!

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