Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random, Unconnected Thoughts

Sunday we ventured out to church again. It was about a 15-minute taxi ride, which was MUCH better than the sweaty, long walk we had to church the last time! This one started at 9am, then at 10:30 had a fellowship break (snacks, drinks), and resumed for the Lord's Supper at 11:00. The break was too much for the kids...they thought it was over and they became very hyper. They had been good until that point.

When we went back into the service for the Lord's Supper, someone was up front reading a Scripture passage and Caleb took off from our seats at the back of the auditorium, ran up the side aisle, up onto the stage, jumped off, continued running across the front, then ran down another aisle. All this time Justin is chasing him to no avail. Caleb finally came back where we were sitting and was headed up for another round when I was able to reach out and grab his shirt to stop him. Justin and I were mortified!

We went to a waterpark recently called Wild Wild Wet, and it was "Transformer Day," apparently, because this guy was walking around. Caleb saw him and ran around the corner. But this was as close as he'd get.

Levi's learning to ask questions. His favorites, which he repeats are:


Where'd it go?


Really. Another why child. Caleb asks enough questions for 5 kids, and now Levi's asking questions, too. Pretty much all day long I answer the same questions over and over and over.

We got to see my friend, Bui, at church on Sunday. She and her family were on vacation in Singapore (from Thailand). I hadn't seen her in almost 8 years, so a lot had changed in my life since then! We're hoping to make it to Thailand in October, so we'll get to see her again!

Blogger isn't letting me upload any more pictures right now (and for the past 2 days), so this will have to do.


Leone said...

This event maybe of interest to you too:

Maybe more for the boys !!

proud parents said...

Wow, I can't believe Caleb ran around in church like that. It's kind of funny but only because he is not my child and I wasn't there. ;) I keep laughing thinking about it though.

I think Mom and Dad would say all the questions from the kids are payback!

Dana said...

All I can think is that Caleb is loading you up for stories to tell his future wife and kids. You've definitely got some solid blackmail material here! :)

Dave and Lisa said...

Very cool that you answered my question about how church went before I could e-mail and ask you! Not so cool that Caleb acted that way... but I suppose in his defense he's on the other earth now, so maybe he thinks the new planet has new rules. Just kidding. ;-)

Dave and Lisa said...

And that is SO AWESOME that you saw P'Bui! How is she doing??

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