Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our First Worship Service in Singapore

This morning we went to church for the first time here as a family (since Justin and I have both been to church here in years past). We took the walk to the MRT station, rode the train, and then walked to the church. A walk Justin had advertised as a 5-10 minute walk. Oh, he has a lot to learn about being in Singapore with a family. About 15 minutes and two VERY cranky kids and a VERY sweaty wife later, we arrived at church. We were late, but thankfully they do not start on time.

When we sat down and started singing, I was so glad to be back in an Asian church. The singing was beautiful and we even sang one of my favorite worship songs, "In Christ Alone." Their voices were so full and beautiful and the room just echoed with praise.

And then all chaos broke out as our two kids started behaving like we haven't seen them behave in a long time. They were AWFUL! They whined, cried (both of them), screamed a little, and just generally ruined the worship for most everyone around us. And if you don't believe me about how awful they were, here are the comments we got after church (from some of the sweetest, most gracious people you'd ever meet):

"Don't worry. We all (the people in the two rows behind us) have two boys. We understand."

"How old is he (Levi)? Yeah, I thought he was in his twos." ;-)

"Are they jet-lagged still?"

So, needless to say we didn't stay for Bible class since it was 11:15 and Levi had been up since 6:30 (AGAIN!). We tried to get a taxi, but couldn't find one that would stop, so we made the sweaty walk back to the mall to grab some fast lunch and GO HOME for naptime. The kids and I all took naps, and if you know Caleb, you know he doesn't nap EVER. We're all pretty tired.

Even though the kids were cranky, I loved being in church today. It was a small church and the people were incredibly sweet. We had so many offers to help in any way...keep our kids, help us find our way, etc. Hopefully our next church experience will be better for everyone involved.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So glad that you loved it but sad to hear about the fussyness... Pierce seemed to do the same thing when we got here... jet lag, new place, new people, anxiety from parents, and just alot of change... hang in there and yes everyone here does understand bc a huge % has been in your shoes. Your doing a great job and hope that you can come to our church sometime... headed to VBS all week so hopefully we can catch up... I was at church until 7pm tonight decorating...

proud parents said...

At least you got a nap out of Caleb! Kurt took Ava to church for the first time by himself this morning. We'll see how they both did when he gets home.

Dana said...

I'm glad you felt at home at church! When I thought about y'all heading that way, that is what made me most excited for you. Sorry the boys were stinkers. Hopefully that will settle down!

Anonymous said...

Did yall go to Moulmein? Great church! They took great care of me when I was so sick over there. Sorry yall had a rough time...I'll be praying that things get easier for you!

Hol and J said...

I'm glad to hear you liked the church, even if the boys were fussy. Hopefully next time will be better for everyone.

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