Monday, October 26, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Since the Christmas decorations are already up here, I decided to list a few of my favorite things..

Caleb's eyelashes. Everyone comments on them. Friends, doctors, strangers, everyone. Since he was a tiny baby that is the first thing people notice about him. :-)

Since I am left-handed, I have pen issues. I can't do gel or fountain pens usually because they end up all over my hand. And some pens I can't even write with because of the angle. It's weird. This is my current favorite pen. (I have an office supply "issue," too, as in I buy way too many. It's hereditary. My mom passed on that gene to me.)

Mmmm. Dr. Pepper. Until recently I was a Coke drinker, but Dr. Pepper is much easier on my stomach issues.

Strawberry and Satsuma Home Fragrance Oil from The Body Shop. Mix a few drops of each and a little water. Makes the place smell yummy!

My sweet Levi napping in his crib. He's such a good sleeper now, and we are so thankful!

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Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

This is a great blog idea... I might have to do it... but next time I want to see my face on your list... he he he.. totally kidding and yes Caleb's eye lashes are so long.. and bummer on the Dr. pepper bc it is so much harder to find here than Coke...

Melanie said...

Haha, I face too!!! Caleb's eyelashes really are long, huh? I'm jealous! And Levi looks so peaceful...Juliana is on jet lag time, ugh!!

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