Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fog Rolls In

I've only had a handful of mosquito bites since we've lived in Singapore, and that is because of all the fogging that goes on. I walked past the condo behind us on my way home this morning, and was inside just in time to not get caught when they came to our complex.

We live on the 4th floor, so you can see how intense the fog is, even up here. Some guy walks around with a fogger attached to him like a backpack. That's definitely not how they did it in Houston. :-)


HolyMama! said...

how beautiful! That's... chemicals? the mosquitoes must have left at the sight of BackPack Guy coming!

Dave and Lisa said...

Haha, here I was at first thinking it was real fog. Silly me. ;-)

cajunsis said...

The other day I came home to them fogging - and I couldn't get into my condo or out of the way. It was horrible. However, we do not have mosquitoes! Have you seen the mosquito police yet? We had some fine a neighbor S$250 for water under a plant. They flew by the balcony in a helicopter and sent someone in to fine him. Whew. What we go through! lol...

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