Monday, October 12, 2009

The Things Caleb Says, The British Version

Caleb's teacher is British. We love Ms. Val and love listening to Caleb tell us what they did at school in his British accent. (This has come full-circle for me because my kindergarten teacher was from India and I used to come home saying stuff my mom couldn't even figure out. It took her forever to figure out what we were doing at school was "arithmetic.") :-)

I picked Caleb up one day from school and he told me they had made "lahn-tuns." If he hadn't pointed to them, I might not have figured out that they had made lanterns.

When I asked Caleb what he had for lunch one day last week, he said, "plain paster, no sauce." (pasta)

"Mom, tidying up is the same thing as cleaning up."

And one day he had "pasketti" (that one doesn't look like it would sound British, but say it with your best British accent and you'll get it just right.)

Even I've started using the word "holiday" instead of "vacation" because everyone in the world except Americans use "holiday."

No one will be able to understand Caleb when we get back to the States. Justin is a little excited that Caleb lost his Texas twang, though. ;-) I've definitely learned how kids pick up other languages easier than adults...they can mimic sounds much more quickly.

Stay tuned...I'm sure there more to come on "TTCS, The British Version." And maybe even a "Singlish" version if the kid starts saying, "lah" at the end of his sentences. ;-)

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