Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Things Caleb Says, Continued

"When Darth Vader comes, he can borrow my light saber."

Daddy: "Tonight's a no-TV night."

Caleb: "I like yes-TV nights."

I have been singing the song "I Love You, Lord" to Caleb since he was a baby, mostly at naptime and bedtime. He's recently wanted to learn the words himself and was really proud when he could sing the whole thing. One night in the car he started "singing" it at the TOP of his lungs. Kind of loses its sentiment when it's sung at top volume.


Kimberly said...

The tv comment is too cute! Ava likes to sing Jesus Loves Me as loud as she possibly can in the car. Then, she tells me the radio is too loud and it is hurting her ears when I barely have it on. What does she think she is doing to our ears?? :)

Dave and Lisa said...

Good thing you are protected when Darth Vader comes, huh! ;-)

I love to read about the things your boys say and do. Sam is getting into EVERYTHING these days (just ate toilet paper for the first time this morning). Ah, the joys of boys!

Love you!

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