Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's YOUR Favorite Food?

I took the boys for their yearly check-ups yesterday. I love our doctor in Houston, and no one will ever compare to the care we received there; our doctor was really special. But our pediatrician here is a good one. He checked Caleb first. He asked Caleb to write his name, which he did pretty well. The letters weren't very close to each other, but they were in the right order! When the doctor said, "Can you write the final letter?", Caleb said, "No, the B is hard." Good enough. He said Caleb is very coordinated, which we knew. ;-)

He also asked Caleb lots of questions about various things in his life. The one that made me cringe and want to crawl in a hole was, "What's your favorite food?" Caleb's answer?


I glared at him and made some comment about him eating other foods, but Caleb looked at me and said, "I like candy." Yes, I'm aware. We'll just blame it on the fact that Halloween is just around the corner, right?

Levi also had a good check-up. The doctor asked him how old he was and he told him. He asked me if he was starting to feed himself with a spoon, and I told him he's been doing that for a long time now. I can't remember the last time we actually fed Levi anything ourselves; he's been a self-feeder for over a year now with the exception of yogurt. But even that he's been feeding himself for a while. I cringe every time he eats it because he gets it everywhere.

I kept having to translate for Levi, though. Our doctor here was trained in Australia and his accent is pretty thick sometimes (kind of an Asian meets Australian accent), so Levi had a hard time understanding which body parts the doctor was asking him to point to. :-)

The thing Levi had a problem with was colors. The doctor held up several different objects of different colors. Levi said everything was green. I know this is pretty normal, but I'm always paranoid about it because color-blindness runs in the family. I quizzed Caleb on his colors a lot until he finally learned all the right ones and I knew he wasn't color-blind. I just like to be prepared. :-)

Caleb weighed 15.9kg (35.1 lbs) and was 103cm tall (42.1 inches).
Levi weighed 12.9kg (28.4 lbs) and was 90cm tall (35.4 inches).

They are both around the 50%, so the doctor was pleased with their progress.


Shelley Gray said...

Glad to know the boys are doing so well healthwise! It is also good to be satisfied with your doctor. Thanks for sharing your life with us Jennifer!

Dave and Lisa said...

Go boys! You are a great mom, Jenn. Do not worry about the candy comment! I think it is my favorite food, too (or at least one of them), but I actually eat it very rarely. Just like Caleb, right? ;-)

I love seeing all these new posts! Thanks for sharing about your life there and humoring your non-Facebooking friend! :-)

Dave and Lisa said...

P.S. Sam is almost 22 pounds at 9 1/2 months! Crazy that he is only a few pounds from Levi!

I have an idea that you should put a ticker on this blog for each boy's age. What do you think?

Kimberly said...

I can't remember when Ava finally learned her colors, but everything was red for a long time. I wouldn't worry about that. Also, Levi just passed Ava in weight. :) Ava would probably tell you her favorite food is "pupcakes" (cupcakes). :)

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