Friday, October 09, 2009

When Will It Go Away

My kids and I are sick again. This time with a stomach bug. Caleb's still running a fever, but Levi seems much better today. I'm so tired of being sick and my kids being sick. We can't seem to shake it around here lately. On the upside, Justin was home today to take care of all of us. We watched lots of movies and just laid around all day. I'm hoping we're all well soon and that Justin doesn't get sick. For some reason being sick makes me much more homesick. I'm not sure why.

In other, more exciting news, we're heading to Thailand on Friday! I've resisted the urge to put a countdown on here every day, but we are SO excited!! It's been almost 8 years since I was in Chiang Mai--a life-changing 6 months for me. Justin and I were dating then (it gives new meaning to the term "long distance relationship"), so I'm ready to show him places I frequented and introduce the boys to our friends there. We love, love, love the Thai people and can't wait to be among them again. Great Thai food is just the cherry on top. We're praying against any sickness next weekend!

Here are some recent pictures. Caleb hardly ever is fully dressed when we're at home. Not sure why, but he refuses to have both a shirt and shorts on at the same time. Maybe it's the heat?
I made a little reading nook out of our bathtub one day. Really, I was just trying to keep the boys out of the way. ;-)
Caleb's sticker creation. That one, he keeps us in stitches.

1 comment:

Dave and Lisa said...

Love that crazy picture of Caleb with stickers all over his face!

So sorry you guys are still sick. Lord, please get my sweet friend and her boys well so they can enjoy time with Your people in Thailand in a few days! :-)

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