Thursday, October 01, 2009

For My Nana - A Map

My grandmother has been concerned that the tsunami in Samoa would affect us. I just want to reassure her (and everyone else) that we are nowhere near there. Singapore is as close to Samoa as Houston is to the western coast of Africa. (Now, we are close to Indonesia where the earthquakes have been hitting the last couple of days and parts of Singapore have felt the tremors, but our little family has not. One of the benefits of living on the 4th floor as opposed to the 24th don't feel buildings swaying as much!) :-)

You can find Singapore on the following map on the middle-left side, just south of Kuala Lumpur, right above the equator. I could not even get Singapore and Samoa on the same map where you could read any of the country names. Samoa is south and very far east of Singapore...east of Australia and Papua New Guinea. (click the map to enlarge.)

In case you weren't sure where Singapore was located, here is my very inadequate geography lesson. :-)

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