Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm So Fond of Lists

because my brain isn't firing on all cylinders. Levi got up at 6:15 this morning, and by 7:30 both of my boys were in time-out for fighting/bickering/stealing each other's toys/being mean. *deep breath*

Here are my thoughts for the day, otherwise known as "this week's version of totally unrelated thoughts":

1) My friend, Euvah, who I only know on Facebook because we haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person yet (she's from Louisiana but lives here in Singapore now) said the funniest thing today that I could totally relate to: "Anyone know where I can get some me sized clothes on the barbie sized island?" So true. I've gone down a size in clothing since we moved here (yippeee!), but sizes here are UK sizes, so on the tag it looks like I actually went up 2 sizes. Mind games, I tell ya.

2) I am giddy-excited about going to Thailand on Friday. (Have I said that yet??) Seeing old friends, eating authentic Thai food, being in a place I love so much...can't wait.

3) Levi has started to give "real" kisses on the cheek. He presses his lips to your cheek, then clicks his tongue to make the "kissing noise." It's so cute, and I try to get him to do it as often as possible.

4) I would really like to write more. My friend (in real life!), Dana, is going to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and I would love to participate, but I'm not sure I have a novel in me. I love to write and want to do more of it, but I just don't have the creativity for novel-writing. I tried to think of some ideas and do a little research, but I just can't seem to come up with anything interesting. I really enjoy reading novels, but I don't think I'm a novel writer. We'll see.

5) I've been trying to find Caleb some pajamas and haven't had much luck. Even when I ask people who've lived here for a while they can't seem to tell me where I can buy affordable pajamas. I looked at some in Levi's size the other day and they were S$50. I'm not paying that for pajamas. My mom looked at Target back home but they don't have summertime pajamas anymore.

6) The stores here actually change their wardrobes for seasons, even though we don't have seasons. Right now you can buy a sweater. It will be in the high 80s here today with about 187% humidity, and well, pretty much every day forever. Maybe the low 90s, too, if we're lucky. It does dip into the 70s at night, though. Might need a light jacket for that.

7) I'm trying to think of a cold place to visit that isn't too far from here. We won't be going back to the States until next June and it will be HOT in Texas and New Mexico then. It's bizarre for it to be the middle of October and the weather has not changed much. I'll be reporting the same thing at Thanksgiving and Christmas, by the way. Suggestions for cooler weather locations are welcome.

8) I'm pretty sure this list proves why I can't write a novel. I apparently don't do prose well. I don't think anyone wants to read a 175-page list.


lala00 said...

Try United Square for pajamas...that's where I found some great ones for $15. There are several stores there with decent prices. Have a great time in Thailand!

Dave and Lisa said...
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Dave and Lisa said...

Haha, these are some of my favorite posts. Could it be because I am a list-maker, too? ;-)

Okay, here are my random comments:
1) I feel you completely on #4. In fact, I have had those exact thoughts in the last WEEK.
2) So hoping you four are able to go to Thailand soon (like tomorrow, but if perchance that does not work out, then still soon).
3) Remembering the trauma of shopping for clothes my size in Thailand and SO able to empathize with you!
4) WAY TO GO on dropping a size! Who cares about the dumb UK sizes? That is something to celebrate!
5) You probably saw this coming, but may I suggest Alaska as a lovely venue for a cold-weather visit? This time around you wouldn't even have to cook for me. ;-)

Love you so much!! And I love your blog, Jenn. It's *almost* as good as having you over for tea or something.

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