Friday, November 17, 2006

Are You Serious?

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy a guidebook for an upcoming trip. Barnes and Noble is right next door to Best Buy, where lots of people were camping out in tents. I'm not up on the latest electronics/movies/games being released, so I called hubby to ask why in the world people would be camping outside of Best Buy.

Playstation 3.

It cost $600.


I told Caleb, not that he can understand me, that his mommy will not camp outside of Best Buy for 3 days to buy him anything that cost $600. Now, if he has 600 extra dollars just taking up space when he's older, by all means, I'll get out the tent and he can camp all he wants.

Am I the only one who doesn't get it?

(And does anyone else remember when people used to rent VCRs?)


Susanne said...

Isn't it just bizarre this North American "gotta have it now no matter the cost" attitude. My question is do these people who do this seriously not realize it's all a huge marketing scheme, this not making enough to go around, so that they can charge whatever they want and people will pay it? There are already bids on Ebay as high as $5000.00 for one. As my girlfriend would say, "Give your head a shake, North America". (I'm including Canada because it was the same thing here)

momrn2 said...

Not only remember renting VCR's... but do you remember when you could select VHS or Beta? (Does this mean we're old??)

Barb said...

I remember choosing between VHS and Beta, Momrn2 and yes, I'm afraid it means we're at least a heck of a lot older than the nuts in that line at Best Buy.

Aggigejenn, every time they came out with a new version, it costs twice as much as the last one and there are twice as many people camping out for it. You very likely saw my son-in-law in that crowd! :-)

aggiejenn said...

My brother-in-law would probably have been there himself if he had $600. I think it's craziness, but some guys do LOVE their video games! :-)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I know a guy who waited six hours in line to be #10 when the store only had 8 PS3s to sell. Oops.

I remember when Blockbuster used to rent VCP's, player only with no record function, because they didn't want you dubbing what you were renting from them. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely...will...not... do anything like that for my children. What happened to imaginations?!

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