Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Apparently it's a post-fest for me today! Really I'm just trying to get everything out before tomorrow when I'm taking a blog fast. Our Ladies Retreat is this weekend and I'm feeling very scattered with just returning from out of town, having a sick child, not feeling well myself, and having a house that's pretty out of order! I need some time to get some things back into order, including (and especially) my quiet time.

So, I'll be on a blog fast until Monday. Until then, head on over to JettyBetty's and read her great post about surrender. I'll be thinking and praying about that in the next few days.


Dave & Lisa said...

I know you will be a tremendous blessing to the women at the retreat, Jennifer, and I pray the Lord would use it to refresh you as well!

I love you, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I know you'll have a wonderful time this weekend, despite being gone from the hubby and baby. Go and have a blessed time...

Laura said...

I'm sure I'm too late to wish you a good time, but I'm thinking about you today and this weekend and praying that God speaks to you in new ways that refreshes you completely!!

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