Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One Thousand Gifts, Part 3

still counting...

61. videos that teach babies sign language
62. Bible study
63. watching my child with other children
64. seeing Caleb so proud of himself
65. baby clothes, so soft and small
66. baby blankets
67. in-laws
68. blogs
69. blog friends
70. meeting them in real life
71. praying with hubby
72. sleeping children
73. the ability to comfort
74. wisdom from Him
75. learning from another generation
76. leaves turning, signaling the season's change
77. neighbors
78. church family
79. spiritual growth
80. challenges
81. beautiful flowers
82. full moons
83. being able to see stars in the sky
84. the Postal service, mailing cards and packages to loved ones
85. long phone conversations with her
86. people who "get real" with me
87. foreign missionaries
88. Thai food
89. paper
90. beautiful, colored pens
91. pencils
92. markers
93. cookie dough
94. contentment
95. wall color
96. a husband who indulges my love of wall color
97. Caleb laying his head on my shoulder when he's sleepy
98. how excited Caleb gets when I go to his room after naptime
99. Caleb pointing and saying, "Dis?"
100. mountains.

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stephanie said...

Good list. I think I can ditto all of it ... except for maybe Thai food. :)

deb said...

Yes, ditto here, too. I've enjoyed reading them all.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the lists. Keep them coming...

Debi said...

yum..Thai food....had some just a couple of days ago...only my second time. It was so good!

Faith said...

Wow! Great list!!!!!

Laura said...

I'm loving your lists - and our conversations! Hope you're feeling better today!

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