Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Product Review--Cascade 2-in-1 Action Pacs

Updated: Here's a link to a coupon for $1.50 off Cascade 2in1 Action Pacs. Enjoy!

I know everyone and their dog has reviewed this product, but they sent me a sample, so I must oblige!

I saw GiBee review these little packets of dishwashing detergent, and after I left a comment about wanting to try them myself, they sent me a FULL pack! I was really excited to get the trial started because we recently bought a new dishwasher when our other one started leaking and I have been having problems getting my dishes clean (spots).

The Cascade 2-in-1 action pacs really are great. They get stuck-on food off without having to prerinse. The only problem I had was when I left too much food on trying to really test them out, little particles were left in my glasses on the top rack. I think that might be more the fault of my dishwasher because nothing besides the glasses had a speck on it (seeing that I'm the ONLY person who reviewed them and had this problem!). Hubby always prerinses (and remember, he does the dishes most of the time) out of habit, but it's really not necessary.

I'm usually super cheap on dishwashing soap, but these little action pacs are doing a much better job! So, run out and buy some for yourself; they're worth the price.

I tried relentlessly to post a picture, but, once again, Blogger is giving me fits. You know what they look like, right? If not, go here.

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MAK said...

I love these things. I did not really believe they would work so well but they really do. I don't have to rinse things so much, and they don't have a film on them. Only thing that would have made it better is if someone had sent them to me free but I will gladly pay extra for them, they are so worth it! Hope you are all better today!

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