Friday, November 17, 2006

One Thousand Gifts, Part 4

101. getting to be an aunt soon
102. watching hubby with his brothers
103. flowers
104. green vines
105. fountains
106. cobblestone paths
107. photos of Caleb's first year, taken by his Uncle Josh
108. incredible worship music
109. powerful prayer times
110. knowing God is listening to my prayers
111. believing that He cares enough to take part in my life
112. waiting on the LORD and being strengthened in the process
113. Scripture memory
114. sound Bible teaching
115. His faithfulness to me
116. morning quiet times--refreshing my heart, soul, and mind
117. extended family
118. an email from my great aunt
119. Daily Light devotional
120. Scripture that leaps off the page and into my heart
121. a challenge from Beth Moore to let God revolutionize my prayer life
122. the privilege of praying for my husband
123. knowing my husband prays for me
124. praying with my husband
125. saying prayers with Caleb before bed
126. "I love you, Lord" -- mine and Caleb's special song
127. holidays spent with family

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Anonymous said...

Great list. I was especially encouraged by #122, it certainly is a privelege, isn't it?!

Cmommy said...

I don't do nearly enough of #124.

Thanks for stopping by~~I'll be adding you to my links :-)
hugs, Chrissy

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