Friday, July 20, 2007

5 Questions Meme

Laura wanted to know (sorry it took me so long!!)...

1. How often do you get your hair professionally done?

If by "professionally done" you mean cut, then 2-3 times a year. This is merely a shadow of my former self, where in high school I would get my hair permed and/or highlighted every few months. There was lots of gel and hair spray involved in daily maintenance. Now I opt for a simple cut, natural highlights (read: gray hairs everywhere!), and little or no product. However, we do live in a very humid place and my hair tends toward the curly side, so by the end of summer, I'm usually putting in some sort of product to tame it!

2. Where’s your favorite vacation spot (already taken, in the planning process or simply a dream)?

I loved Germany and Switzerland when I visited there and would love to return some day. The beaches of Phuket, Thailand are simply the most beautiful I've ever seen. Hubby wants to take me to Italy one day since he loved it so much when he visited. I'd also like to see Australia.

3. What’s your favorite family tradition?

This is a hard one. We're a pretty close family, so it's hard to pick one thing. Probably Christmas. My mom makes an awesome spice tea that we drink on Christmas morning, and we always have roughly the same foods to eat that day. We open our stockings first (my mom still does stockings for us!), then open presents. We rotate who we spend Christmas with now, my parents one year, hubby's the next, since the two families live nowhere near each other and we can't "share." Hubby's family is equally as excited about Christmas as mine, which makes me happy.

4. Your tickle bone was tickled. What/who did it and how?

Probably my husband by saying something no one else would think was funny. We crack ourselves up a lot. :-)

5. Do you dream in color or black & white? Color. And very vividly, especially when I'm pregnant. Last night I had a HORRIBLE dream which I will not recount because I'm trying desperately to forget it.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Jennifer - thanks for playing along! You sound like you have some great family traditions and a very funny hubby. I'm so sorry to hear about your dreams. I'll be praying for your sleep tonight before I go to bed - that your heart and mind are protected from any evil!

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